Adam Korman

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User Experience

UX since before we called it UX.

Big and small projects for big and small companies.

Currently a partner at UpTech. Previously Director of UX & Content at Acorns. Also worked at Cooper, St. Jude Medical, Yahoo!, Ripple, Napster, and RealPractice (acquired by ReachLocal).

Design leadership, UX strategy, interaction design, information architecture, design research, visual design, branding, prototyping, and a little bit of front-end coding.


Web apps (desktop, mobile), mobile apps (iOS, Android, J2ME), desktop apps (Windows, Mac OS), TVs & set-top boxes, embedded & custom systems. Hardware + software and multi-platform design challenges.


“All I can say is that Adam is a star. He embodies a truly unique combination of design acumen skill with business savvy and pragmatism. He is also a very capable leader and team builder. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Adam again and can't recommend him enough.”

Ali Diab, Co-Founder and President at Ripple

“Adam is a thoughtful and thorough designer who builds his creative solutions on deep insights into user, customer, and client need. Adam is one of those rare designers who can work equally well at both the conceptual and detail level... Adam worked on a very diverse range of projects while at Cooper, and delivered world-class solutions for each assignment. He would be a welcome addition to any design team!”

Robert Reimann, Director of Design R&D at Cooper

“I've worked with a few user experience teams and interaction designers but none as thorough and creative as Adam. I worked with Adam at both Yahoo! and Ripple – I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again if I ever got the chance. His communication skills are off the charts. You will soon learn that he instantly understands everything he hears and how to translate it into any medium you might need. Organized, talented, creative and smart – he is a great and motivating addition to any team.”

William Schoenberger, Designer and Flash Developer at Ripple

“Adam is a strategic designer with a strong vision. He is business minded, well rounded, and brings a nice perspective to all his projects.”

Nina Ristani, Director, UXD at Yahoo! Music

“Adam's work was quite successful, yielding not only an initial batch of product improvements, but acceptance that [Human Factors] techniques were essential for SJM to grow its market share… Adam was an essential part of expanding the use of [Human Factors] techniques at SJM, both to multiple project teams and as an integrated engineering activity. This work culminated in a completely redesigned system, and an ongoing legacy of improved customer acceptance… Adam is a self-starter, works hard to understand external and internal customer needs, and manages his time to ensure project success. I regretfully accepted Adam's decision to move on from SJM, continued to use him as a part-time consultant, and tried to re-hire him on multiple occasions.”

Greg Bevan, Director, Human Factors at St. Jude Medical